Set Your Goals - Mutiny (10th Anniversary Edition)

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Set Your Goals’ Mutiny! – the band’s first full-length – reinvigorated a genre and asserted its place in the future, here's the 10th anniversary edition of that album.

All new art reimagined by Richard "Horsebites" Minino too, which is nice.

SOLD OUT Smartpunk Exclusive Yellow / out of 300 / hand numbered SOLD OUT

1200 Long John Silver - Record Store Variant
500 Seafoam Blue - Tour Variant
500 Kraken Purple - Tour Variant
300 Scurvy Splatter - Smartpunk Edition

Work In Progress
We Do It For The Money, Obviously!
Dead Men Tell No Tales
This Song Is Definitely Not About A Girl
An Old Book Misread
This Very Moment
Flight Of The Navigator
To Be Continued...
Don't Let This Win Over You

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