Rozwell Kid - Precious Art (Smartpunk Exclusive / easter yellow with hot pink splatter /200)

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Precious Art is a quintessential Rozwell Kid album and something entirely new at the same time. It’s teeming with understated nostalgia, but doesn’t get too lost in the past. Rather, it recalibrates the past, revisiting it with the added wisdom that comes with age. It’s quirky in the way that Rozwell Kid songs have always been quirky, but more than any other record the band has made, it sees Hudkins diving deep into the heart of human existence, telling universal truths based on his own personal memories and unexamined experiences.

“We’re pretty fun guys,” Jordan Hudkins, on himself and Rozwell Kid.

SMARTPUNK EXCLUSIVE EDITION / on easter yellow and hot pink splatter / LIMITED to 200
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