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"Bass" is Keller's 17th album and the first on which he only plays bass. Comprised of 11 tracks, 9 originals and 2 covers, "Bass" documents Keller's exploration of creamy bass lines and groovy rock steady beats mixed with his own unique style and vision.

And now a word from Keller:
Greetings Music Lovers. Thank you for partaking in yet another one of my self-indulgent musical journeys. In my never ending quest to do something different, I present you my first release containing no guitar. Not a single guitar was used in the making of this record. To me, that's different. And that's what I'm going for.

This record has no looping. This is a document of songs and the overall, open air, spacious vibe created by this trio we call Kdubalicious. I am honored to be joined by musical genius Jay Starling on keys, and the one-drop master Mark D on drums. The record was recorded, mixed and co-produced by recording god Jeff Covert at Wally Cleavers in Fredericksburg, Virginia during the summer of 2011.

Free the bass, and your mind will follow.
~ Keller

Track List:
1. The Sun & Moon's Vagenda
2. 2bu
3. Hey Ho Jorge
4. I Am Elvis
5. Hollywood Freaks
6. Thinking Out Loud
7. High
8. Buena
9. Super Hot
10. Hobo Jungle
11. Positive

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