Sawyer's Album Art Charm Bracelet

$50.00 USD

Show your appreciation for Sawyer's Music with Sawyer's Album Art Charm Bracelet. The Bracelet Chain is 8 inches, Stainless Steel Made in the USA. The Chain is adorned with five .75 inch X .75 inch Charms each depicting one of Sawyer's Album Art Covers; Out My Window, Sawyer Fredericks EP, A Good Storm, Hide Your Ghost EP and Hide Your Ghost LP. Each Charm is attached with a clasp, so they can be moved to add more future Album Art Charms! Sawyer's Album Art Charms are made in Minnesota by D'ears, a family own company who patented the formula to fuse high resolution images to stainless steel plates. The Charms have D'ears signature flecked sparkles with a durable glossy finish.

SKU: 115939.