Debt Neglector - Atomicland

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Atomicland is a blast of catchy, grungy, aggressive tunes dealing with anxiety, depression, paranoia, abuse, and other warm and fuzzy subjects that'll get your toes tapping all the way down to the ballot box to hopefully enact some change.
Clocking in with 12 songs in under 30 minutes, Debt Neglector manage to showcase their dynamics with speed, heaviness, and attack, all while not giving up on the infectious guitar melodies and vocal harmonies that latch onto a listener's brain and are impossible to pry out.

For fans of Descendents, Bad Religion, Dead to Me, New Mexican Disaster Squad.

100 - Atomic Piss vinyl (Smartpunk Exclusive Edition, handnumbered)

150 - Cheap Beer vinyl
(Not actual beer, just looks like it....ya know?)

1. Atomicland
2. Gift Shop
3. On the Brink
4. Modern Red Scare Blues
5. Phantom Limbs
6. Thoughts and Prayers
7. Extended Checkout
8. Ringer
9. Gimme Relief
10. Half Man Half Couch
11. Get a Clue
12. Sorry to Say

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